Bringing heaven to earth to transform lives, release destinies, and glorify God wherever He sends us.

Dare To Believe is a Bible-based ministry focused on  teaching and mentoring led by Pastors Gary and Kristi Graner.

“Our heart’s desire is to share what we’ve learned over the years about God’s love, power and His Word. 

We train, encourage, and help others to learn to recognize God’s voice through scripture, revelatory gifts, including biblical dream interpretation, and for spiritual freedom and healing. 

We are in awe of the breakthroughs we see occur in individual lives through Dare to Believe.”

Starting Out 

ArizonaKristi began the Small Group Ministry at Hosanna! Church in Lakeville, Minnesota in 1990.  She served on staff at Hosanna! in several pastoral roles until 2009.  At Hosanna!, her ministry grew to include a wide variety of adult ministries, where she found a passion for equipping and coaching people to discover their spiritual gifts, leadership skills, and life purpose.

In addition to leading specific ministries, Kristi served on the Senior Leadership Team at Hosanna! for more than a decade. For many years Kristi oversaw Hosanna’s leadership development, prayer ministry, and revelatory ministry and freedom ministries.

In 2008, as the opportunities grew to speak and minister to others in far reaching places, Kristi and Gary knew it was time to step out in faith to start Dare To Believe, a Christian ministry and Kingdom business.  Kristi continues to teach at Hosanna! and other Christian venues throughout the United States and abroad.

Gary and Kristi Graner

Gary and Kristi are both ordained ministers and share oversight of Dare to Believe Ministries.

For decades, Kristi has taught about the value of listening to, discerning, and following God’s leading. Kristi holds a Master’s Degree in Theology and Spiritual Formation from St. Mary’s College in St. Paul, MN, served on the Sr. Leadership Team at a Minnesota Mega church for 20 years, has mentored with John Paul Jackson and the Sozo team from Bethel Redding. She is Founder and Director of Dare to Believe Ministries, which specializes in teaching and training about Hearing God’s Voice.

For over 30 years, Gary has served in the marketplace as a manager, leader, and pastor, and consultant.  His heart is to combine his business leadership skills with Kingdom growth in the marketplace. He also loves to do outreach in a variety events in the greater Twin Cities area.

Kristi and Gary have been married since 1983.  They have two adult sons, and a growing family.

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