Core​ ​Values​ ​

Our core values help to define the foundation on which our culture and lifestyles are built. When we make decisions as to the development and sustenance of our revival culture we base them on our core values. Simply stated, they define why we do what we do. Many people ask Bethel Church how to create a culture of revival and how to walk in signs and wonders, but are unaware of the fact that it is their core values that allow the sustaining of this culture. These core values are designed to create a safe environment where people can make mistakes and fail, where they experience grace and discipling, and where they learn to hear, see and feel the heart of God so that they can successfully partner with Him to see His Kingdom come here on earth as in heaven.

A​ ​Culture​ ​of​ ​Love
➢ We will always strive to love you and relate to you in love.
➢ Jesus said love your neighbor as you love yourself. It is very important for you to love
yourself, receive God’s love and receive our love.
➢ We expect you to keep love at the center of all that you are and all that you do.

Empowering​ ​Versus​ ​a​ ​Controlling​ ​Culture
➢ We have a very empowering culture and work hard not to have a controlling culture.
➢ That means we will work hard to call out the destiny in you and empower you to reach
your full potential.
➢ An empowering culture has honor and respect as its core value.
➢ A controlling culture means you are motivated externally by the fear of others.
➢ A controlling culture has fear and punishment as its core value.

➢ You will never reach your full potential until you take responsibility for your own personal
➢ As long as you perform so that you don’t get in trouble you haven’t taken responsibility for
your own life.
➢ We will never work harder to solve your problems than you do.
➢ We will solve problems with you, but not for you.

➢ We expect you to give an account for your life to your pastors and small group whenever
you are asked.
➢ Learn to trust someone more than you trust yourself.

➢ Faith is spelled “R-I-S-K”.
➢ If you want to grow, you must take a risk.
➢ If you don’t fail once in a while, you are not taking enough risks (obviously we are not
talking of moral or character failures).

➢ You must fail at least three times at DTB-SOT, or you can’t graduate (again, not moral or
character failures).
➢ When you are asked to do some exploit by the leadership, we strongly prefer you don’t

➢ Life flows from honor.
➢ We have been called to a rectangular table, not a round table where all have an equal
voice. There are levels of honor in the Kingdom. Take the low spot like James says and
let the host move you up. (Avoid self-promotion, allow the Lord to promote you.)
➢ Always relate to God, your leaders, yourself and each other with honor and respect.
➢ Don’t choose your behavior out of fear that you will be punished. Do the right things
because you don’t want to disappoint God, your leaders and yourself.

➢ We have a confrontational culture. If you do something that we think needs to be
adjusted, we will talk to you about it.
➢ If any leader in our environment does something that you think needs adjusting, you are
invited to go to them privately and talk to them. Don’t talk to others about an issue until
you have first talked to the person that offended you. If this does not go well you may
then request to speak to them with their supervisor.

Supernatural​ ​Power
➢ You are in a culture that expects the supernatural to happen often.
➢ You will find yourself in situations where if God doesn’t do a miracle, it won’t work out
right. These are the times to press in and pray.
➢ You will be expected to walk in the supernatural power of God. Get used to it.

➢ You are royalty, princes and princesses of the King.
➢ You are not paupers. Learn to think and live out of you new identity.

➢ We expect you to be honest no matter what it cost you.
➢ Trust is built on honesty and integrity.
➢ Telling half-truths, cheating or lying destroys trust.
➢ Trust is the foundation of all good relationships.

Mind​ ​of​ ​Christ
➢ As a Christian you have the mind of Christ.
➢ We want to teach you how to think more than what to think.
➢ Therefore, you have permission to use your mind while you are here.