ETS: Daily Homework Overview

Emerge Transformation School focuses more on discipleship than creating a place for higher education in the traditional sense.  We do not offer accredited degrees or any type of accreditation; however, we do have a high value for doing academics with a spirit of excellence.  First year students average approximately 30 – 60 minutes of homework a day and much of that is reading.  Some of the requirements include: reading through the Bible, reading books from the booklist (1 book/month), and any weekly homework assigned.  All homework must be handed in on time.

Our homework system is monitored through Pastor Groups.  Students hand in their homework to their Transformation Group Pastor.  Then the Transformation Group Pastor corrects the homework, logs it into our computer database, and hands the homework back to the student.  Transformation Group Pastors hold their group accountable.

Students who fall behind on their homework will need to meet with their Transformation Group Pastor to discuss how they intend to catch up. All homework must be completed to graduate, we do not accept any homework during the last week of school.  


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