DTB-SOT: Second Year – Internship Proposal Guidelines

The purpose of the School of Transformation Ministry Internship is to give each student an opportunity to develop into a mature and competent servant leader in their area of giftedness, passion, calling, and destiny.

The intern will learn to integrate what they have learned in the School of Transformation into practical ministry (kingdom) and lifestyle with special emphasis on revival, releasing kingdom, honoring and presence.

Your internship must be:

  1. Unique to YOU:

The internship needs to be something new and unique to you as the student, something that interests you, but you are not currently doing.  You cannot receive credit for work already completed or for work for which you are employed (i.e. If you are a pastor, you cannot use any current responsibilities to count towards your internship; it needs to be a new activity, perhaps a ministry or program you have been eager to start or get involved with in your church.  It can be a “new twist” on something familiar to you.)

    2.   Kingdom Based

The internship must be with an organization that is favorable to what the student brings as a Christian and revivalist.  Internships can involve, but are not limited to churches or other para-church organization that professes Christianity.

  1. On-Site Supervisor

Students will need to have a designated On-Site Supervisor to oversee their internship progress. This can be a pastor or director type of position. Your on-site supervisor must be someone who is a professional in the field and who would easily be a part of or oversee your activities. (i.e. If you are a pastor, you can have another pastor be the supervisor. If there are no other pastors, you may have an elder of your church be the supervisor.)  Your On-Site Supervisor will need to have a discussion twice a month with the student for updates, feedback, and evaluation.

       4. Required number of internship hours:

The internship needs to have at least 20 contact hours spread out over 10 to 20 weeks. (minimum of 6 week, maximum of 20 weeks)

       5. Process:

Students will work with their Pastor, in class and as homework, to formulate an internship plan. Your Pastor must approve all Internships before they begin (or they will not be recognized).  

All internships must be approved and started before December 1, 2017 and finished by May 1, 2018.