DTB-SOT: Seven Mountains Overview

Dare To Believe agrees with Bethel’s view that every believer as a priest (Revelations 1:2-3), ministering first to God and then to the world. We believe that whether someone is a secretary, a plumber, or a housewife he or she is a priest who brings God’s Kingdom into his or her sphere of influence.  Our mission is to raise up transformed revivalists who walk in power and good character—ones who will take the high places of the seven mountains.

In the past few years, Lance Wallnau has been teaching concerning society and realms of influence. Originally, Bill Bright, founder of Campus Crusade for Christ, and Lauren Cunningham, founder of Youth With A Mission, both received a similar revelation from the Lord in the same season about that topic. What they saw was that society was made up of seven realms or mountains of influence and that whoever is at the top of these mountains, in reality, are the influencers. It is how a small band of college professors, liberal activists, or believing believers can have so much influence. These seven mountains the Lord told them to go after at that time were Church, Home, Government, Media, Arts, Education, and Commerce.  

In Bill Johnson’s book Dreaming With God, he discusses this idea and morphs it a bit, specifically in chapter 5 called “Invading Babylon.  Lance Wallnau’s teaching can be found in the book 7 Mind Molders. It is available at the www.ibethel.com online store.  This is why in our mission statement we include the phrase, “Who passionately pursue worldwide transformation in their God-given spheres of influence.”

DTB-SOT is in the process of learning to better prepare individuals to be influencers on the mountain of society that they feel called to. We build the revivalist engine that can fit into any vehicle to empower it for Kingdom success.  This vehicle can then operate on any mountain of society. When students are empowered with this truth, they quit believing God only uses people on the mountain of religion (the church) and take on the reality of their own destiny—one that might lie in taking the high places on another mountain.