DTB-SOT: Student Discipline

We are going to have an awesome year of personal freedom and growth in Christ. The freedom of the Dare to Believe School of Transformation (DTB-SOT) environment requires a high level of self-management. We work not to have a controlling culture but we do expect you to join us in creating a holy and accountable one. An essential fruit of the Spirit is self-control, and we want to pastor you as it grows in your life. If it is normal for you to be externally motivated and controlled, that’s going to have to change this year because that pattern will not help you with the rest of your life and ministry. You’re on track to perform for an audience of One, to do everything unto the glory of God.

If you are struggling to make wise and loving choices, the DTB-SOT staff will confront any situation or person that needs to be addressed as quickly and directly as possible. This confrontation is designed to help draw out the greatness within you. If these confrontations do not bring the needed change and help flip that “internal control” switch in your heart, you might find yourself in the following situation. (Sinful choices are destructive and we handle them a little differently than poor choices as they require repentance and cleaning up your mess.)

  1. We have a core value that you should work harder on your ‘problems’ than we do. Believe it or not, lots of people do not really have this value. They want us to solve their motivation/self-control issues.  Frankly this never works; you must fight and win with the grace of God.
  2. We love graduation night! It’s a complete joy to graduate together. To the DTB-SOT staff, graduation means “successfully completing the academic, attendance, financial, and spiritual tasks the staff asks of you and doing it with an honoring attitude.” If you do not complete them with honor you will not graduate. Pretty simple, huh? We still want you to attend graduation—it is in no way about punishing you—it is just that you did not successfully complete the tasks so it is not appropriate to walk and receive a certificate at graduation. We will all be disappointed if it comes to this, but we are willing if you are. (By the way, we won’t mark off a bunch of late assignments on the last week of school—I’m sure you’d agree, that would be missing the point!)
  3. If, after the staff confronts you, you are still choosing not to change and grow, leadership will not keep after or nag you. We will continue to call out the greatness in you because you are way too amazing and have way too much money and heart invested to continue to make poor choices. However, we want you to know that you’re free to keep making these poor choices as long as your attitude doesn’t start affecting others.  If and when your poor choices/attitudes start to affect others, we will then have a new problem that will be addressed, because we are unwilling to allow one person’s poor choices/attitudes to affect others in the school.You need to understand that poor choices/attitudes will not get a lot of the leadership’s attention, so you may feel their attention ebb away from you as they stay committed to investing in the students who are giving it their all with excellence. As soon as you decide you are ready to make new choices, let us know so that we can help! We believe that eventually you will get a vision and education OR experience enough pain to allow the fruit of self-control to ripen and you’ll mature!

So, “lead your life” in this area.  Live with purpose. Do whatever it takes because you have a partnership with the Holy Spirit to manage the motivation in your life.