Overseer Letter

The Emerge Transformation School is dedicated to wide-reaching transformation through spiritual revival. We are training and equipping the Body of Christ to bring the love of God and the power of the Holy Spirit into the darkest places of the planet, resulting in the kingdom of this world becoming the kingdom of our God.

The Emerge Transformation School is more than a school, it’s a Holy Spirit journey into the realm of the impossible, a heavenly adventure where no one dare travel without God. In this environment of love and encouragement, students will learn how to minister with power and naturally walk in signs and wonders.

We are in the midst of the greatest revival in human history. Yet there remains a distance between what should be and what will be. That distance is you! What will you be? You are the bridge between history and His story.

The world is waiting to see what you have learned. Don’t disappoint them!

With our eyes on the prize,

Gary and Kristi Graner
Pastors and leaders at Dare To Believe


If you’d like to apply for the Emerge Transformation School, visit this link: APPLY NOW!