ETS Monthly Accountability Report

Name: ______________________    Pastor: _____________________ Month:______________

Due the first Monday of the month

SMALL GROUP last month (who you met with, when and something that stands out from the time) :


SERVICE HOURS last month:


BIBLE Reading last month (are you keeping up with your Bible reading?  Where are you at?)


SOAKING last month (comment on your experience, how this is going and what God is teaching/showing you) :


ABSENCES last month – date and reason:                     TOTAL ABSENCES this year: ______


ALL HOMEWORK & BOOK REPORTS TURNED IN?  Yes____ No____ If no, what is outstanding and why?


Any additional training/D2B events last month:


Any testimonies you would like to share with us?


Anything you would like ETS Leadership to know:


MISSION TRIP Approved?  Yes____ No____ (due no later than 12/15/2018)


MISSION TRIP Report submitted?  Yes____ No____

(due two weeks after trip, no later than 5/28/2019)


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