ETS Pastor Groups


Pastor Groups are designed to maintain an atmosphere of intimacy. We want to create a culture of connection, activation, and a hands-on approach to Personal Transformation. Pastor groups will be facilitated by staff pastors and will be held during class time.


The focus of these groups will be to give time to process and discuss all that is being learned through teachings, book readings and activations.  


The following are examples of some activities we do in our Pastor Groups to accomplish the above goals.  

  1. Testimonies…
    • Are opportunities to share personal experiences.
    • Allow students to become comfortable speaking in front of people.
  2.  Activation is accomplished by…
    • Students praying for one another and seeing God work through prayer.
    • Practice prophesying over each other.
  3. Connection is established through…
    • Team Building activities (getting to know the students).
    • Smaller groups of people (no one is able to hide)
  4. Processing in-class work by…
    • Discussing latest teaching or guest speaker’s impact.
    • Discussing the monthly reading list books
    • Discussing revival/a specific revivalist

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