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One of ETS’s yearly requirements is participation in a missions trip. Be sure to talk with your pastor throughout your decision process. They will be able to give you suggestions for raising support, sending out prayer letters, and they will also cover you in prayer.

Because Discipling the nations, both abroad and in our own country, is a key part of being a revival culture: Emerge Transformation School requires each student to participate in a mission trip each year they are involved with the school. Our goal is to develop disciples, in our school and in the populations we serve, who will invade and change the nations by bringing the presence and power of God

A Mission trip is defined as a trip with specific plans to benefit specific people or groups outside your culture.

A trip involves travelling to a place away from your home community. It means staying away for a designated time and then returning home. Taking a trip removes you from your regular, everyday activities and temporarily forces your attention on other matters. The fact that a mission trip takes place elsewhere is significant, because the distractions and comforts you normally live with are temporarily replaced with new experiences. Confronting new surroundings, cultures, mindsets, environments and situations can be quite a challenge spiritually, emotionally, physically and mentally.

A mission trip must have Specific Plans:

A mission trip is not merely a visit to another culture. Rather, a mission trip has a mission, a definite goal. To be used as a mission trip for ETS your trip needs to be approved by your ETS pastor PRIOR to the trip. Whether detailed or general, every mission trip has a specific plan.

Function: A mission trip may have several functions. The main goal might be to provide relief in the aftermath of a natural disaster by meeting physical needs. While these needs are being met, revivalists may also seek to give spiritual relief by praying for and counseling those who have been affected by a catastrophe.

Qualities: A mission trip main evidences are releasing the Presence of God with compassion and caring. Revivalists know how to release the presence of the Lord, minister to needs of the specific group while at the same time showing understanding for their ordeal without criticism or judgment.

Significance: Mission trips must be designed to include the purpose of bringing the Kingdom of God to groups by sharing God’s truth and imparting the Kingdom.

Time Frame: Mission trips can be short-term as in helping during a specific time of need. They can also be ongoing projects in which different groups of revivalists participate at various times in areas where there are continual needs.

Effects: Mission trips should have positive effects on the revivalists as well as the people they have helped. Such trips raise the level of hope for victims of disasters and give a sense of renewed purpose to those who have participated.


A copy of the below form can also be found on Managed Missions Main Page. 

——————Mission Trip Plan Due To Pastor No Later than Dec. 16, 2019——-

Student Name:

Trip Sponsor:

Mission Location:

Dates: Begin ____________ End _______________________

Number of Work Days (excluding travel, sightseeing, etc.) __________________

Population you will be ministering to/with:

Number of Team Members and their names:

Project Type (Check all that apply): Construction _____ Medical _____ Evangelism ______

Education ______ Other (list) _________

Monetary Contributions to Project (supplies, materials, meds) US Dollars $ _____________

Value of In-Kind Contributions to Project (supplies, tools, materials, meds, etc.) US Dollars:

Construction ______ Medical _______ Evangelism _____ Education _____ Other ______

Team Expenses: Transportation, Meals, Lodging, Interpreter, Insurance, etc. $ ____________

Team Leader: Name _______________ Address _________________ City___________ State __ Zip______


—–Please get all this information to your ETS Pastor for approval —-




Ukraine Trip with Gary and Kristi Graner in March 2019

Isreal Trip w/Rita Larson through Bethel Church 2019

Please ask Cara for details!


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