Episode 16: Marv Marquette, A “Regular” Miracle Worker

Episode 16: Marv Marquette, A “Regular” Miracle Worker

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Join Kristi and Rebecca on the road as they interview Marv Marquette, a pastor, father, grandfather, and all-around good guy. Marv is not that different from anyone else, except that he believes God will do what he said he will do and then acts on it (and he spends three to four months a year in Guyana building houses and schools and working miracles). The truth is, miracles in a Christian’s life are pretty normal. Be encouraged by Marv’s radical faith and receive permission to not have to know what you’re doing, just know the one who does. Marv puts it best: “I don’t know what I’m doing, but I know it works.”


  1. David L. Simons says

    Just stumbled across this page on the internet. I was the guy facing heart problems working with Marv in New York and was his roommate in England while we were in the Air Force in 1972-73. God did several things preparing me for a miracle the night Marv prayed for me. To make a long story short, the Doctor was not able to detect a blockage, but discovered a very large clear artery that he said he would be proud to own. I think that artery was formed the night Marv prayed.
    I was with Marv in Guyana one year when were supposed to show “The Passion” at a Basket Ball court. We were a little worried because there was a pretty rowdy bar across the street. It started raining and we thought we were going to have to cancel. We went to the bar to have a cold soda and as we were talking to the bar owner, he suggested we show the movie in his bar. We did and there was a large turn out…just another miracle that seems to happen a lot around my friend and Pastor Marv.

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