Episode 01: What is Dare To Believe? Pastor Kristi Graner & Rebecca Ribnick

Episode 01: What is Dare To Believe? Pastor Kristi Graner & Rebecca Ribnick

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“Dare to Believe is a Bible-based ministry focused on teaching and mentoring others to hear God’s voice, know the Word and move in power. We’re bringing heaven to Earth to transform lives, release destinies, and glorify God wherever he sends us—but what does that mean? In this episode, Kristi Graner and Rebecca Ribnick talk about the origins of Dare to Believe, the power of pursuit in community, standing on God’s faithfulness in the midst of impossibilities, and multi-generational ministry.”



  1. Excited for this– Way to go!

  2. Great podcast! “Jesus doesn’t marry down” – He is excited and enamored with His Bride – the Church! Amazing!

  3. YOU GUYS ROCKED THAT PODCAST! I just listened to the first one and it was sooooooo good, Spirit led, and there were MANY GOOD NUGGETS!! Wowza!!!!

    MAJOR BLESSINGS, favor, and open doors for this!!!! MANY PEOPLE will have a un-legalistic /wall down approach to:
    A) hearing about God’s voice
    B) then actually hearing it
    C) then APPLYING IT!!!
    D)then they will duplicate what they learned!!!! AMEN!!!

  4. Hi! I am not sure I can figure out how to get to other episodes. I only see options for the first one and the latest one. Am I missing it?

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