Servanthood Overview

Our objective is to model servanthood and we encourage students to serve on a daily basis.  A kingdom mindset is one that is led with a servant’s heart.   Our students will learn that honor includes having a high value for serving other people’s visions. As you learn to walk with a servant’s heart you will find that the Lord opens up opportunities to demonstrate this honor through service-oriented activities.  It is important that the students not only learn to seek their own visions, but to also serve the vision of their leaders.  Often, the destiny of one person will be birthed out of serving another person’s vision.

Service projects can include serving in your church in various ways, serving at conferences and special events, or projects connected with the Emerge Transformation School. You can serve by volunteering for activities such as ushering, book tables, cleaning bathrooms, making coffee, cleaning up after school nights, prayer teams, working in children’s ministry, etc.

We require you to serve weekly (at least 1 hour per week on average) and to keep records of your serving. At the beginning of every month you are required to hand-in a copy of your list of service projects on your monthly report for the previous month.

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