Outside of Class Small Groups


Students are also required to be part of a weekly small group outside of class time.


The focus of these groups will be to further process and activate what they have been taught in class or learned in the books.  


The following are examples of some activities we expect to happen in your Outside of Class Small Groups to accomplish the above goals.  


  • Are opportunities to share personal experiences.
  • Produce faith in others.
  • Increase the Fire of Revival.
  • Allow students to become comfortable speaking in front of people.

 Activation is accomplished by…

  • Group members praying for one another and seeing God work through prayer.
  • Practice prophesying over each other.
  • Experiencing God through encounters (i.e. “soaking”).
  • Short impromptu preaching on core values or heart messages.

Connection is established through…

  • Verbalizing and talking through your school and serving experiences
  • Expanding God’s Kingdom in community
  • Discuss what God is doing in your life.

Processing in-class work by…

  • Discussing your Bible Reading
  • Discussing latest teaching or guest speaker’s impact.
  • Discussing the monthly reading list books
  • Discussing revival/a specific revivalist


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