Sozo Ministry Training


Basic Sozo Training

Basic Sozo training provides tools and information to be trained in the Sozo ministry. In the Basic Training we teach the Father Ladder, Four Doors, Presenting Jesus and The Wall.

The seminar is designed to equip a group to start a Sozo ministry once the Sozo training is completed and the church or organization develops experience.

The tools and information presented are helpful for those in other inner healing/deliverance ministries, healing rooms, prayer or counseling ministries.

Advanced Sozo Training

Advanced Sozo training is geared for people who have previously taken Sozo training and have been doing Sozo ministry themselves for at least 6 months.The goal is to provide support and additional information for people currently doing Sozo Ministry.

Advanced Sozo Training offers the following:

  • Tools: Triggers & Divine Editing
  • Prophetic deliverance: Familiar spirits & Breaking curses
  • Shabar : Ministry to shattered individual

Bring the Dare To Believe Sozo team to your location

Sozo Training

The Dare To Believe Sozo team is available to come to your location for training. We are available to help your church or organization understand and implement Sozo.

“I have had the incredible privilege of being ministered to by the Bethel SOZO team. They are an amazing, gifted and powerfully anointed healing group.” -Heidi

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