Gary and Kristi Graner’s Excellent Adventure: Ukraine Update! July 2017

We are with Max and Amanda Fetisov Getting ready to take the overnight train back to Kiev.

We have received so much support and encouragement regarding our recent trip to the Ukraine! Thank you so much for your support of what God is up to there!

If you remember…. we were asked to go to the Ukraine to train in Sozo, but the team that brought us in also offered to help us find my grandfather’s village. My grandfather was smuggled out by his family 100 years ago when the communists were “recruiting” young men for the army.  He found his way to Germany and then came by boat to the United States.  He never saw his family again. God is so good, through the faithfulness of the Dare to Believe intercessors we were able to find the longitude and latitude coordinates of his village. (the name of the village was changed when the communists took over).

 So on July 14, after driving through multiple checkpoints complete with machine guns and tanks… Gary and I found ourselves in Hilinia (formerly known as Gluecksdahl). It was a powerful encounter. It is currently held by a rebel group.. so we didn’t stay more than a couple hours. In that time, the Lord sent an old man to us who knew well the history of he village and confirmed this was the village we were looking for. We stood in the church my great uncle pastored, toured the little village by car, taking video, and took communion at the top of a hill at the edge of the village. As we took communion, we also scattered the bread and poured the grape juice on the ground… calling it to line up with God’s plans for that village. It was a powerful and meaningful time.

Kristi and Gary in the “cultural center” formerly the church in Gluecksdahl

Tractor in the village
Memorial for the people who were forced to leave
This is the location where we took communion
This is the precious man the Lord sent us who knew well the history of this village

Standing outside the village with our driver and translator… the sign in the background says “Hilinia” in Russian. This means “made from clay”

We then returned to Kivoy Rog in the Ukraine and ministered with True Hope Ukraine. We Sozo’d people, worshiped, preached, and taught, deeply touched by the needs we saw. This powerful ministry, led by Max and Amanda Fetisov, serves the forgotten and abandoned in their city. We were impressed by the mission of True Hope Ukraine to be a voice for the people who are unable to speak for themselves…. the orphans, the refugees, the homeless! This team of people are committed to love, train, advocate for, and encourage many people.

Our time spent with our friends at True Hope Ukraine was busy. We Sozo’d many individuals who have been stolen from spiritual, emotionally and physically.  They need help to see themselves the way God sees them, but they also need practical help. They need places to live safely, food to eat, training on how to live as a child of God, assistance with work skills and help getting and keeping a job that will allow them to thrive. We are impressed by the commitment of the Fetisovs and their team and excellence with the way they bring heaven to earth for many broken and wounded individuals.

Would you like to sow into a powerful ministry that is impacting the Ukraine? A specific need is for another pastor to minister in this worship community of orphans, homeless individuals, and temporarily life-challenged individuals. Another important need is for a job coach/procurement specialist who will train, place, and coach people who have come through this ministry. This individual will be key to ensuring independent living for individuals who were in the past forgotten and abandoned.

If you feel called to partner with Dare to Believe Ministries in providing for these people to be hired in the Ukraine, you can donate (tax deductible) by using this link:

The need is great, and we will go back.  Your partnership has been greatly appreciated and valued!

God is so good… thank you again for your partnership!


 Gary and Kristi Graner, Dare To Believe Ministries